It's been a while since I've posted an my apologies. Today I'm writing about something I wish to bring into the light. Some male clients hide behind the anonymity of an email and I, as a professional, find it disrespectful and annoying.

A possible new client emailed today at 12:30 asking about an afternoon appointment. He did not give any option other than email to answer (red flag 1). I replied within 10 minutes that I had an opening between 1:30 and 3. He replied at 1:45 that he wanted to come in for an hour massage "right now". I asked him to call to confirm. No reply.

A former client (I fired him) with a habit of emailing to make appointments and canceling at the last minute, emails and doesn't reply for a day. So after 3 days worth of email tag, I asked him to call to speed the process. His reply was "I don't call. " That got him fired.

I appreciate that people have busy lives. That does not give anyone the right to disrespect another's time. This is especially true if the other is running a business.

Do not forget there is a person on the other end of that transmission.

I provide a service. I create a healing space. I take pride in my work. I will treat you with respect and ask for the same in return.
A recent client asked me about prostate health and I found this article as I brushed up on my research.
Funny, I always heard that the only way to exercise the prostate was through ejaculation, but as you will read, exercise may not be the answer.
Remember guys, Breast Cancer gets a whole month, but we need to examine our testicles and be aware of our prostates because they can be at risk.
The article is at
Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about having a massage? Posted by Thann Sanctuary on August 23rd, 2010

For those of you who feel guilty about having a massage, or think that a massage is just a waste of money, and doesn’t do much, think again.

It’s no coincidence we often crave to be physically pampered,

 In a word…NO!

Myths abound concerning the shaving or removal of body hair. One misconception I hear frequently is that shaved hair grows back faster or thicker. This is untrue. In reality,
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I encourage all women to do the self exam and get the mammogram if you have not had one. Early detection can be a HUGE factor in cancer survival.

I lost my god-sister to complications from breast cancer almost 20 years ago. She was a beautiful soul and the cancer was aggressive. I




Had I known that bedbugs really existed and what they looked like, I would have been terrified when my mom tucked me in.
Those ugly little suckers (they really do suck) are everywhere these days. They have better social lives than I do. Just think... all the bed hopping and then showing up at theaters and even a few nice restaurants. They're also being spotted in all the big cities. I wonder if they've started Tweeting or if they have Facebook accounts.
They must have some pretty good agents and a strong PR Machine.
I allowed myself to sleep in this morning... I could just leave it at that, but there is a reason. I stayed up late giving a massage. That doesn't sound so special, but the fact is a long-time client from my Arlington days was driving through and had to stop in. It says something about the relationship we have built.
I have some clients that have truly become friends. What a blessing! One client even calls me his best friend. I'm not sure if that's really
Tonight I'm blogging by candlelight and it sure smells good! It's a Ginger Lemongrass candle from Soy Delites. Soy Delites is a great local Austin company run by a fascinating and engaging wife and husband team. I met Christy, Saturday, at the Cedar Park Farmer's Market and her husband, Garland, at the Italian Festival today.
Their hand-poured soy candles are sure to go with any decor. A clear textured glass container with a clean logo, I love that they keep
My friend, Paula Poundstone, and I were chatting last night. Ok, so last night was the first time I met her, but I have been a fan for so long that I feel like we are longtime friends. We talked about her seersucker suit and how ‘To Kill a Mockingbird”-ish it made her feel. We discussed that I’m a massage therapist (which she met with a smile that said ‘how sweet’) and Manscaper (which she found very interesting).

I get mixed reactions from many people when they ask what I do or know I’m a massage therapist and read Manscaping my card. “What’s that? Oh, you shave guys’ backs? Good someone needs to...”

Hey folks! Welcome to my blog. I didn't think I was the type to write one, but sometimes I feel things need to be said... or people keep asking me the same questions... or to tell that story again.
Now I have a place to jot these thoughts and keep track of them.
Hopefully you will find some humor in what is said and maybe some insights. I know a little about a lot of things and am always excited to share and interact with new friends.
I like living in the Austin area, going to farmer's markets talking to other business owners and exploring my new community.
Please feel free to comment or say hello!
Love, peace and happiness,

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